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Malik Turner is a Hip Hop artist and producer who came to prominence in the early 90’s as a rapper. He is known for his politically aware, socially conscious lyrics, and sample heavy production. Malik is the other half of the duo, "Malik Turner (Malik - Mad Lyrics) and DJ Master Jam". The duo was formed in the early '90s when Malik and DJ, Master Jam were college students at Cheyney University. In 1992 Malik and Jam, along with two friends, Allen "Nadir" Muhammad and Milton "Fahyim" Sharp formed “Son of Man Productions”. In 1994, with the support of Guru from Gang Starr, and DJ Sean Ski, Son of Man Productions released the classic independent single, No More 9 to 5 and The Last Days of Wax on their own label “Mpacked Sounds”. The classic record was mastered by mastering engineer Tony Dawsey. Mpacked Sounds focused on a more independent label and artist ownership position in their music, during a time when their peers were interested in seeking record deals from major labels. At the time Billboard noted the lead single No More 9 to 5, for having top 40 single potential and Hip Hop magazines like Rap Sheet and Rap Pages featured Malik and Master Jam as a rising duo to look out for. Projects with Mpacked Sounds led to opportunities to share the stage with the likes of Brand Nubian, the Fu-SchnickensBlack SheepPoor Righteous TeachersDa Bush BabeesThe U.M.C.’sRakim, and others.

Donald Byrd & Malik Turner circa 1996, Hollywood, California
The duo recently released music from the 90’s, which includes the re-release of “No-More 9 to 5” with additional unreleased songs on London based record label Chopped Herring Records. In 2016 Malik released Settlement #2 First Resurrection, Instrumentals on Mpacked Records. In 2011 Malik released two singles from his unreleased album Orgena: A Negro Spelled Backwards, Serious??? feat. Adam Blackstone and Get Your Mind Right. Malik has also done production on Ill Adrenaline artist's, Beneficence’s 2016 album "Basement Chemistry" and did most of the production on his 2017 solo album Invisible Freedom released on Osceola Music Group. Malik's work includes recordings and collaborations with artists and producers such as BeneficenceJasiri X, Dominique Larue, Megahertz, 12 Finger Dan, DJ Sean Ski, DJ Master Jam, the late P-Original, Prince Strickland of Elwood, and more.
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